Vale Past President Graeme Muir (1930..2023)

The Rotary Club of Burnie hereby seeks to mark the very recent passing in June 2023 of Past President Graeme Muir, our longest serving member. Some basic facts:
Date of Birth:         8 July 1930
Partner’s name      Dorothy (deceased)
Date of Induction:  20 Oct. 1968 (Graeme had been a member of Apex)
Classification:        Fabric Retailing
Senior Active:        20 Oct. 1983
Awarded Paul Harris Fellow in 1992 

Offices Held:
70/72 Community
74/75 Fellowship   (+ 78/79)
79 – 81 Attendance
81/82 Program
84/85 Bulletin
88/89 Vocational
92/93 Pres. Elect & Membership
93/94 President
94/95 International Service
08 – 23 Attendance

Some of Graeme’s Rotary experiences:

In 1971-72, Graeme was Community Service Director under President Ken Webb who was a hard task master. Near the end of Webb’s year, Ken said he wanted to build a rescue ambulance. ‘There was a need to be able to mobilise auxiliary lighting, jacks, cutting tools, hoists, to name just a few items’ Ken said. Graeme’s committee, though, refused to help; they’d had enough of these never-ending jobs from their President! Graeme gave this news to Ken, but at the following week’s club meeting – while looking pointedly at Graeme – Ken Webb announced that he had obtained a suitable ambulance and even had found most of the materials to equip it. 

 In 1992, the Burnie Marine Board and a company, North Limited, agreed to host a yacht race from Melbourne to Burnie. The Royal Melbourne Yacht Club organised the race details, while a consortium of Burnie service clubs (Burnie Rotary Club taking the lead) organised the on-shore activities at the Burnie Port. Graeme Muir, himself on the Burnie Marine Board, was also a member of the service club consortium.  Graeme recalled that one man came to him and said; ‘I think you have a problem with toilets.’ Graeme agreed – there simply were no toilets on the wharf! The man said; ‘I will supply all the toilets and I will supply the cleaners to look after them. You forget about it.’ Many years later, that man, Murray O’Connor, became President of Burnie RC.