Rotary Tasmania Gynaecological Cancer Project

Last week, several Burnie Rotarians were at a meeting in Ulverstone, where Ms Biddy Fisk, Co-Chair of Rotary Tasmania Community Care, informed us of the above-named Project.
A Tasmanian project, monies raised will go towards supporting access to vitally important clinical trials for Tasmanian women suffering from gynaecological cancer.
Clinical trials give patients the opportunity to obtain medications that they may otherwise not be able to access, and that are not always fully funded. Research shows that patients who participate in a clinical trial have improved survival.
There are 3 major focuses of this project and ways you can support it: 

1 AWARENESS PARTNER, e.g. putting our project logo/cancer ribbon on your products, or wearing our logo badge and/or beanie. (logo at right)

2 SUPPORTING PARTNER, e.g. organise an event/function to support patients in your community

3 FUNDING PARTNER, e.g. making a monetary donation (donation to RAWCS account gives tax deductibility) or holding your own fundraising event.
For more information, see Cancer Project

OR, contact: Biddy Fisk, Co-Chair | Rotary Tasmania Community Care
0419-345-835 |