RAWCS – What is it?

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) was set up by the Australian Rotary District Governors in order to attract tax deductible donations to Rotary projects that benefit society. It funds both overseas aid projects (e.g., Rotarians Against Malaria) and also projects within Australia (directed towards disaster aid). Funds exceed $30 million and have come from three sources; Government, Philanthropists and Public Appeals. At present, RAWCS has 531 active projects; 375 overseas and 156 within Australia.    

           Ken Moore (at right), is a Past President of our club and a Past District Governor of Tasmania’s Rotary District (comprising 47 Rotary clubs). Ken is currently serving as Regional Coordinator-Southern Region RAWCS, encompassing Victoria, Tasmania and a handful of clubs in Southern NSW and Eastern South Australia: it is the second largest of the five RAWCS regions, in terms of number of districts/clubs and volume of activity.

          At our club meeting Feb. 7th, Ken described some RAWCS service projects, such as:

          Bushfire relief: RAWCS recently received a generous donation from an overseas organisation to assist the many individuals and areas affected by the bushfires along South-Eastern Australia (including 2019-2020) and recently in Western Australia. Expressions of interest are invited from Rotary Districts or Rotary Clubs for bushfire relief and recovery projects within their localities. Projects must provide relief to either people in need or to the local community; demonstrate a timely response and specifically who will be the target for the aid. Furthermore, the proposal needs to be realistic, demonstrate sustainability and show how it will be achievable within the requested budget (max. $100,000) and timeframe (max. six months).

          Applications close on 31st March 2022.