Pui Ling Lau – Club Member

Dr Pui Ling Lau was introduced by PP Paul Kearney, who noted that Pui Ling is a very caring doctor who is liked by all and sundry.

Pui Ling comes from the very populous Hong Kong. There are about 7,000 persons per square kilometre in Hong Kong, compared to Tasmania’s population of 8 persons per sq. km.

Hong Kong’s standard school system is 12 years: Primary 6 yrs, Junior Sec. 3 yrs, Senior Sec. 3 yrs. Almost forty per cent of students who graduate from secondary school go on to enter University. 

In Pui Ling’s case, her medical studies extended for six years; two years of intense study at university, three years of clinical studies (working at four different hospitals), and one year as an intern (with very long hours and intense exposure to patients). She also underwent vocational training to become a GP; in all a further six years of study. With her Hong Kong qualifications, she was able to move to Australia as a doctor.

The changing political environment in Hong Kong was a key reason why Pui Ling and her husband chose to leave and come to Tasmania. Her husband was a paediatrician in Hong Kong. They have three children, aged 13, 10 and 8 years. In Hong Kong, Pui Ling still has her parents and two brothers.

Pui Ling is very happy to be living on the NW Coast and we are pleased to have her as a member of our club.