National Youth Science Forum

At our meeting on March 7th, we commemorated  International Women’s Day. Brielle Gardam was our Guest Speaker.

Brielle had been our nominee to attend this year’s National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). Normally, the Forum is held in Canberra and/or Brisbane, however, the presence of Covid virus meant this year was different: Week 1 was effectively a “Zoom”-like gathering and Brielle was sitting at home. In Week 2, she did manage to visit Monash University in Melbourne, which she found to be absolutely huge and very hard to explore in any detail.

Some things she experienced: extracting DNA from strawberries, talking with scientists at the very large proton accelerating synchrotron in Switzerland and hearing from scientists in Brisbane about the technical issues involved with design and delivery of a Mars lander onto the surface of that planet.

Despite the enforced change of plan, Brielle found NYSF very rewarding. Prior to NYSF, she had just one idea of what she would do in future, but now she has dozens of possibilities to consider.

Throughout her talk to the Rotarians and other guests, it was  obvious that Brielle is a very capable girl who is unlikely to be fazed by any ‘roadblocks’ or challenges put in front of her in future.

Brielle was a most suitable person for us to have as the Guest Speaker this year when we commemorated International Women’s Day.