Marinus Link – Bess Clark

Bess Clark, CEO of Marinus Link Project, is in charge of 70 employees working on this project.   

Marinus Link involves the laying of approx. 255 km of undersea HVDC cabling and approx. 90 km of underground HVDC cabling in Victoria and AC/DC converter  stations at the ‘old Tioxide site’ and at the Latrobe Valley in Victoria. For several reasons, there will be two cables; the first 750 MW stage is expected to be in  operation in 2028 and the second 750 MW circuit a couple of years later. Thus, the total capacity of the link will be 1,500 MW, which is of the same order of magnitude as Tasmania’s current power generation.
          Hydro Tas. is already building, and facilitating the creation of, new ‘greenhouse gas-free’ power generation to equal that of current hydro dam generation.

‘Marinus Link will also comprise the laying of a fibre optic cable of capacity 150 times greater than all three current Bass Strait fibre optic cables combined.’