Hon Leonie Hiscutt MLC – Guest Speaker

Leonie spoke to us mainly about her early life – before politics. A ‘tradesman’ farmer, she joined the Army Reserve and gained experience in driving heavy trucks. What’s more, Leonie also has a gun licence, a motorbike licence, a chainsaw licence, a forklift licence and can drive a tractor with ease. 

Her father-in-law handed over his stock-buying business to Leonie; she attended stock sales in all parts of Tasmania. With her husband, Leonie was a poppy grower and, later, she was President of the Central Coast Chamber of Industry. Not many politicians, male or female, could boast of that “c.v.”!

Leonie was elected to the Legislative Council in 2013 and continues to serve there.

Leonie is seen at left with Rotarian Nigel Morgan

Leonie Hiscutt MLC with Rot'n Nigel Morgan