Gabriella Conti – CEO of WxNW

Gabriella lives on a dairy farm at South Riana. West x North West (see is one of four regional tourism bodies that come under the State-wide body, Tourism Tasmania.
          Gabriella explained that the 2022-2025 plan for WxNW embraces:


Vision for 2025:

– Advocacy& Leadership

Our communities understand and appreciate the value of tourism

– Product Development

Our region is no longer ‘a long way from Hobart’; instead it is a destination that must be visited

– Industry Support

Operators are focused on delivering quality experiences aligned to the region’s strengths

– Marketing

Collaborative (focusing on the visitor journey – not on municipalities)

Gabriella mentioned these tourism opportunities:

  • Significant financial support to enable maintenance and upgrades of West Coast Wilderness Railway
  • Unconformity festival in October
  • Bay of Fires – view on ABC TV on Sunday, 16 July, at 8.30pm
  • ‘Tasting Trail’
  • ‘Permission to Trespass’ in Wynyard & Table Cape region
  • Dismal Swamp revitalisation
  • King Island Kelp Farming

When Gabriella drew attention to the ‘Second Iconic Walk’ proposed by Tas. Parks & Wildlife Service – a 3-day walk to be constructed in the Tyndall Ranges from the Anthony Road near Lake Plimsoll south to the Lake Margaret Power Station – our club’s resident wilderness expert, John Glen, expressed his vehement opposition to the concept. Gabriella acknowledged that WxNW was quite aware of widespread opposition by many people and groups.