Future Rotarian?

In 2010, Burnie Rotary Club began offering a two-year scholarship to students undergoing their final two years of study at the Rural Clinical School in Burnie. Students were invited to apply and a team of Rotarians then chose the student they felt would be most deserving of funding from the Club.

Claire Whiteway was our selection in 2020 and she has done well in her studies. Claire has also been busy outside the school, having married and – recently (August 26) given birth to a daughter. Claire advised the Club that Scarlet Eva Jean Griffiths weighed 6lb 5oz, is 45cm in length, and has a head circumference of 34cm.

On August 31, Claire wrote: “I successfully passed my final exams two weeks to the day before I had her. I’m now writing up some research from home with a couple more weeks of placement to complete in October.”

Burnie Rotary Club is proud to have had Claire as an Honorary Rotarian for the past two years and we look forward to meeting Mum and Daughter soon.