Exemplary Rotary Community Service concept

Burnie Rotary club recently received this information from the Philadelphia (USA) Rotary Club …

  • Can you imagine an in-school experience for Philadelphia students to be exposed to an ongoing series of presentations from a host of individuals who have had success in their chosen careers? How valuable it would be for these pupils to be able to interact with these visitors?
  • Added to this, suppose students got to hear anecdotes of motivation and inspiration being skillfully shared by their adult guests!

Well, those “career” presentations by Rotary Club of Philadelphia volunteers have been and are continuing to occur with great success at Philly’s Liguori Academy.  A few examples:  High-level City and University Police leaders; A digital technology expert; An attorney for major league baseball player contracts; A voice over specialist; A United States Air Force pilot; The owner of an entertainment-hospitality company; A national security expert; Educators; Financial service experts; A construction  company owner; An environmental educator; Non-profit organization leaders; A software engineer; A paint company owner; a professional photographer; and a management consultant.

The third consecutive year of this project has just been completed, coordinated by Liguori Academy workforce faculty leader Mary Theresa Killion and Philadelphia Rotary member Joseph Batory.