Dr “Mandy” Lau from Hong Kong

Dr Wing Szu “Mandy” LAU is from Hong Kong, where an average family of (say) 6 people are constrained to live in an apartment of just 45 m2. Her surname (Lau) derives from the early Han Dynasty, 2,000 years ago. As a young girl, Mandy had a ‘crush’ on a famous Chinese actor; strangely, this persuaded her to consider studying medicine. In Hong Kong, as a GP, she worked mainly with children.

Her elder sister lives in Western Australia and she still has two younger sisters and one brother living in Hong Kong – by choice!  Mandy says “I consider Tasmania will be my final destination!”

Mandy joined Burnie Rotary Club “because I think the Rotary movement is dedicated to bringing help and peace to Society.”

Mandy (third from left) is seen here with Past President John Glen, visiting Rotarian Wendy Wang from Taiwan and Vice President of Burnie RC – and newest Australian Citizen – Roopa Mulik.