Belle Binder – MD of Left Field

In 2023, Belle Binder was named an AgriFutures® Rural Women’s Award State Finalist and received the Encouragement Award for Tasmania.
        Now 42 yrs old, Belle is the founder and Managing Director of Left Field, which is successfully introducing changed concepts of people management on Tasmanian farms.
        She has a quite remarkable personal story. As a teenager in Devonport, Belle was kicked out of home by her very self-centred and domineering father. She took to the streets and found drugs, moved to Newcastle NSW and found stronger drugs; “experienced ‘rock bottom’, which taught me resilience and empathy – these now fuel my entrepreneurial spirit.”
        Belle reckons that drugs arose from her being bored, but seeing that drugs dragged down the performance of people around her made her decide to change her direction and get her life in order.       
        She started several small ventures and while each was initially a success, this success attracted competitors, reducing thereby the scope for her ventures to grow.       
        Then, in July 2020, when Covid’s impact was at its peak, Belle started Left Field, a labour hire organisation focussed on supplying the Tasmanian horticultural industry with dedicated and motivated farm workers.
        Belle said Left Field promotes the importance of farm culture; “culture permeates every aspect of farming – the habits, assumptions, traditions, and acceptable behaviour on a farm – affecting productivity, employee retention, and profitability.”