Australian Rotary Health

On November 15, Burnie Rotary Club welcomed the Chairman of Australian Rotary Health (ARH), Kevin Shadbolt, to our meeting. Earlier in his life, Kevin served as District Governor of Rotary in Tasmania – on two occasions!

In accepting on behalf of ARH a donation of $59,000, which came from the estate of Russ Radford (a former Somerset Rotarian) Kevin said “every cent received in donations to ARH goes towards medical research.”

Kevin explained that ARH is currently funding 40 research projects aimed at combating mental health issues and a further 50 dealing with other, general health issues. For many years, ARH is now focusing on the mental health of children, because it has been found that a high proportion of people who are diagnosed with mental health issues in older age, showed symptoms of mental illness already when they were teenagers.

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