A Men’s Table – Benefit toBurnie

In late February, our Guest Speaker was Mr Ben Hughes of Launceston, who is diligently working to set up Men’s Tables in Tasmania – the 55th table in Australia recently began meeting in George Town.

 (see https://burnierotary.org.au/a-mens-table-in-burnie/ )

A Men’s Table begins with two or more men wanting to meet. Membership of any Table is capped at twelve; there can be several Tables in any one town. There are only a few simple rules:

  • There is one meeting a month at whatever time suits the particular group
  • You only need to bring your ears
  • No man is forced/required to speak
  • When any one man speaks, everybody else remains silent and listens
  • The only cost is the price of a meal

Allan Jamieson contacted Ben Hughes last week to find out what Burnie Rotary club could do to help Ben start a Burnie Men’s Table. Ben replied as follows:

  • A Table in Burnie will happen; it is just a matter of time and resources from my end. We have detected interest in Burnie and there is some funding that we can use. I feel we can think about starting in early July.
  • The more connections I can make the better – Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, sports clubs, doctors surgeries, local media, local MP’s.
  • The other real help is identifying a local venue that is open on weekdays and has cheap eats and most importantly a private room to seat 12.
  • A good way to spread the word is by sharing our website:


The members of Burnie Rotary club were able to identify several ways in which they could assist Ben in his quest and these will be worked on during the next few weeks.