This website is dedicated to Past President Dr. Ed Barron. Ed was an active member and he was working with his son in 2005 to build a website for the club when he suffered a severe stroke, from which he never recovered.

Vale Murray O'Connor RIP

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A very interesting and informative story of Rotary International and of founder, Paul Harris, can be found here.

The Rotary Club of Burnie has 26 active members and two honorary members.

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Our members represent many prominent vocations and organisations in and near Burnie. Where relevant in the table below, the vocations are also links.

Club Members and Vocations
Member Classification (with links)
George Austin Accounting Services
David Bennett Investment Advisory Service
Robert Bentley Driver Education
Jarrod Boys Customer Service
Themba Bulle (Dr) Medicine - General Practice
Bruce Clark Hardware Retail (ret'd)
Barrie Crawford Horticulture
Doug Forrest Paper Making (ret'd)
Jim Forsyth Mechanical Engineer
John Glen Burnie Research Laboratory
Ian Guest Solicitor
Allan Jamieson Eucalyptus Cloning (ret'd)
Paul Kearney Banking Commercial
Elizabeth Kinneir-Tarte Celebrant
Jaideep Jay) Kotay Dentistry
Wayne Licht Building - Civil/Commercial
Kathy Ly Banking - Commercial
David McCarthy Financial Services
Geoff McLean Law - General Practice (ret'd)
Ken Moore Engineer Consulting
Nigel Morgan Hospitality and accommodation
Graeme Muir Fabric Retailing (ret'd)
Roopa Mulik (Dr) Paediatrician
John Pease Footwear Retailing
Steph Prendergast Secondary School Teacher
Graeme Wood Valuing (ret'd)

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