Photo Gallery - from 2009

A rogue's gallery of members. Rotarians are not as serious as people think.

Click here to obtain an enlarged version of the Club photo of 2009, taken with DG Ian Shuey, Liz Shuey and partners of Rotarians.

Group photo of club members & partners, 2009

Club members in 2009 (Pres. John Glen)[Ivor Cumming iC Photography, 52 Cattley Street, Burnie]

Individual Rogues
2009 2009
Squatter's & Swagmen's Tavern: Social night Squatter's & Swagmen's Tavern: Social night
Robyn and James at Social Night Three sorry punters

[Newly-elected Alderman James now knows who voted for him.]

[The b-- horse came last. "There's nothing for it - double or quits?"]

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2009 2009
Seventh Heaven Christmas Party Seventh Heaven Christmas Party
ADG Ken with Karena Wayne with pegs

[ADG ("Saint") Ken collects Karena AND 13 pegs.]

[Peg winner, Wayne with someone who doesn't want to know him.]

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2010 2010
Police catch Big fish Thank-you Jacki and Tom
Water Police capture fisherman Tom & Jacki Brown

[Sargent Paul Brian and Sn Constable Drew Oakden are happy to capture notorious fisherman Barrie Crawford]

[Tom & Jacki Brown of Emu Bay Players, with George Austin. Jacki's pantomime shows have raised around $15,000 for Burnie Rotary projects.]

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2010 2010
The Winner Which way is Out?
John with his winning smile (and pegs) Kuniko & Allan show us the new dance craze

[Xmas Party: Winner, John, with EVERYBODY'S pegs on him.]

[Xmas Party: A new dance or are Allan & Kuniko in need of support?]

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2013 2013
Larder's empty chaps What! No crays either
First morning, bare larder A cray pot, looks empty

[First morning, bare larder. No worries; we're fishermen.]

[Returning home, no fish, no crayfish, nothing to eat.]

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2013 2013
Action aplenty at last Glorious, but fishless
Awaiting a fish after a hard night Great scenery, uninterrupted by fish

[No point getting excited. That would only scare the fish away.]

[True West Coast scenery, but fishless again.]

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