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Click here to obtain an enlarged version of the Club photo of 1989, taken with Mia Hemborg, Exchange student from Sweden.

Group photo of club members in 1989

Club members in 1989 (Pres. Graeme Wood)[Winter's Studios]

Individual Rogues (Burnie Club, unless identified as East Burnie Club)
District Conference, Albury
Delegates at 1950 Conference

[Second row from front, L:R Lyn Stephens, Jack Cherry, Al Pease, Charlie Williams, Mac Crisp (all Burnie) and Erskine Watchhorn (Hobart)]

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1978 1978
Officers of East Burnie Club Officers of Burnie Rotary Club
Officers of East Burnie Rotary Officers of Burnie Rotary Club

[L:R Ray Duncombe, David Gill, Marc Strahan, Norm Nicholas, John Harrison]

[L:R Paul Rollins, Jack Thorpe, Charles Sargent, David Balon, Frank Hodgman]

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1983 1988
PP Royce Neville receiving PHF award from DG Barry Dadswell Skvaril family at East Burnie's Christmas Party
Royce Neville receiving PHF from DG 1983 Skvaril family, East Burnie Rotary Christmas

[Royce (left) with wife and DG Barry]

[Vlastik and Jo at right with their son and his family]

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1988 1988
Rotary Garden Show Garden Show winning display
Garden Show from balcony Winning display, Garden Show

[Town Hall decked out]

[Winning display close up]

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1989 1989
Some wives at East Burnie’s 100th dinner meeting DG Harold Ogilvie with East Burnie Rotarians
Wives acting up East Burnie Rotarians with District Governor Harold”  border=

[Laughing at the men?]

[DG Harold (front centre) with East Burnie members]

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1989 1992
Paul Harris Fellow awards at East Burnie Group at East Burnie's "Oktoberfest"
Some charter members East Burnie Group at Oktoberfest 1992

[LtoR: Roy Dudley, Ron Rutherford, Stan French, Noel Atkins. All were charter members of East Burnie. Noel presented PHF's to the others]

[L:R Doug and Aileen Forrest, Colin Winter, Ken Loughran]

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1998 1998
Stonewalling at Rhodo Gardens BBQ crowd at Ken Vincent's Sisters Beach shack
Happy chappies with cement mixer Happy crowd after BBQ at Ken's

[LtoR: Lloyd Harris, Graeme Muir and Bruce Cameron at entrance to Rhododendron Gardens]

[LtoR: One idiot surrounded by smiling partygoers]

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2008 2008
Board members with DG Michael Perkins Table group at Rotary meeting
DG Michael's visit Dinner table

[DG Michael with yellow tie]

[L:R Ken, Geoff, James, Karena, Allan, Murray and Peita]

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2008 2008
Christmas Party: Treasurer David Bennett Christmas Party: Some Rotary Rogues
Xmas Party - Treasurer David Xmas Party - three Rotarians

[Treasurer David: "I reckon we have enough money"]

[L:R Bulletin Editor Jim, Secretary Ken, Vocational Director Allan]

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2008 2008
Christmas Party: Promenade Christmas Party: Grand old men
Xmas Party - Fashion parade Senior Rotarians at Xmas Party

[Not very organised: It must be a Rotary group]

[L:R Graeme Muir, Maggie Harris, Lloyd Harris]

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