Meeting location

Our club meets on Mondays (except the last Monday in each month) - 6:00 pm for 6:20 pm - at the Burnie RSL Club, 36 Alexander Street in Burnie.

To contact the Rotary Club,

Rotary Club of Burnie
P.O. Box 185
Tas. 7320

Or Email our Secretary at: [secretary "dot" burnie "at" rotary9830 "dot" org "dot" au]


Schedule of Speakers
Date Speaker and/or topic
December 23Breakfast Meeting 7 for 7:30 Wellers Inn
December 30No Meeting
January 6No Meeting
January 13BBQ meeting - Oakleigh Park
January 20Back at the RSL - Speaker TBA

Persons and organisations wishing to speak at a Burnie Rotary Club meeting are advised to contact our Program Director, Elizabeth Kinneir-Tarte on phone 0427-376-747 or email her at: [tassiecelebrant "at" gmail "dot" com]



Are you in the age range 18-30 and live in NW Tasmania? Then check out Central Coast Rotaract Club on Facebook. Connect to Facebook

or visit the Rotaract Club of Central Coast Website.

or Email to Central Coast Rotaract


Changeover June 2019 Changeover June 2019
Elizabeth with hard-earned flowers What was the photographer doing?
Elizabeth with hard-earned flowers” border= What <em> was</em> the photographer doing?
-------------------- -------------------
Changeover June 2019 Changeover June 2019
Wayne explaining AFL to a ‘rusted on’ rugby league fan Doug and Aileen
Wayne explaining AFL to a ‘rusted on’ rugby league fan” border=  Doug and Aileen
-------------------- -------------------
Changeover June 2019 Changeover June 2019
Burnie’s illustrious couple, Themba & Senzeni At least, Roopa got the joke
 Burnie’s illustrious couple, Themba & Senzeni” border= At least, Roopa got the joke
-------------------- -------------------
Changeover June 2019 Changeover June 2019
Kangaroo’s No. 1 supporter Wayne & Sue-Ellen Maggie & Liz: Wonderful ‘backstops’ for their past husbands
Kangaroo’s No. 1 supporter Wayne & Sue-Ellen” border= Maggie & Liz: Wonderful ‘backstops’ for their past husbands
-------------------- -------------------


On our last "Sizzle" day, we honour our two top-notch customers

These two gentlemen turned up every Saturday and bought two of everything.

Sizzle customers


Talk to Club re. history of The Pulp (24 June 2019)

Click on this link here.


Annual Burnie Challenge Mud Run - Food suppliers par excellence

The 6-member Rotary team raised $550 for Polio-Plus by selling sausages. Nigel & Wayne cooked all day!

Sausage Sizzle


Rotary Annual Charities Golf Day 2019

A great result. Congratulations to all who helped and to all who played on the day. The net earnings have reached $7,100.


Annual Bowls Night fundraiser for Burnie Inner Wheel Club

The event raised about $1,500 for the Inner Wheel Club's main focus - Cord Blood Research.

Inner Wheel ladies

The Inner Wheel Ladies put on a fantastic spread of food each year.

A rink scene

A common scene on the rink when bragging rights are at stake.

Winning Bowls Team

The Winning Team.


Hat Day fundraiser for Mental Health

A portion of the 'mob' at Monday's Club Meeting. A good time was had by all! Overall winner, David, second from left - plus friends. The event raised $240 and the Board may see fit to add to this amount.

Rotarians and partners at meeting

Hat Day 2018 Hat Day 2018
Judge Giovanna Simpson + Rot'n Jay Kotay Ladies Winner, Eleanor Austin
Hat Judge Giovanna Simpson Ladies Winner Eleanor Austin
-------------------- -------------------
Hat Day 2018 Hat Day 2018
Men's Winner, Graeme Wood A Happy Couple
Men's Winner, PP Graeme Wood A Happy Couple, Doug & Aileen Forrest
-------------------- -------------------
Hat Day 2018 Hat Day 2018
PDG Ken + multi-raffle winner Roopa Three Happy Ladies
PDG Ken Moore & multi-raffle winner Roopa Three Happy Ladies
-------------------- -------------------


Fundraising for DROUGHT APPEAL

The result primarily of our weekly BBQ at Harvey Norman's Store in Burnie during September 2018

Sign showing money amount raised.


2018 Burnie 10 BBQ Fundraiser

Busy Day! We raised double our normal weekend amount on this day. Two Club firsts: (1) The first outing for the newly acquired Club marquee. (2) Our first CBD BBQ at the Burnie 10

Group photo of club members at BBQ



Burnie Rotary Club members are boosters for Burnie. Why? Click on the thumbnails below for some views. Fernglade is a beautiful picnic spot on the Emu River, just two km from the City Centre, and is a favourite haunt of the Platypus: We can often see them foraging in the river at dusk. The Rotary Club holds a barbecue meeting there in January. Burnie is also home to countless families of penguins and we can look into some burrows. Below these thumbnails are links to the latest Burnie weather and to the Burnie City Council's website.

Scenes in and around Burnie
Fernglade Burnie CBD and Port
Fernglade, with Emu River - favourite haunt of the Platypus Burnie CBD and Port

[Copyright: Burnie Council]

[Copyright: Doug Forrest]

Litle Penguin

[Copyright: Burnie Council]


Burnie is in a wonderful part of the world - Tasmania. Here is a small sample of what we mean. The following images were supplied gratis by Mike Calder [see]

Scenes from around Tasmania
The Nut at Stanley Historic street, Stanley
The Nut at Stanley Stanley historic street

[One hour west of Burnie]

[A delightfully preserved town]

Echidna Two young Devils
Echidna Young Tasmanian Devils

[Echidnas walk slowly, but can dig fast]

[The Tassie Devil is a very interesting animal. Check out this video]

Lake Pedder Boat Harbour
Lake Pedder Boat Harbour & beach

[Pedder is in South-West Tasmania]

[This beach is 30 minutes from Burnie]


What's the weather like in Burnie? Here are two options for checking the current weather:
(i) For pilots and other mere mortals, click on Burnie Weather for an extensive array of information on what is coming towards us over the horizon.

(ii) For farmers and other stick-in-the-muds, click on Burnie Environs.

To find out more about the City of Burnie and surrounds, check out Burnie Council.

Comments about Burnie are invited from visitors. These should be emailed to the Site Administrator link below and will be placed on our new comments page.


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